Exclusive interview with Tamara Taylor

Tamara Taylor has been in the main cast of the charming crime show "Bones" from season 2 as Dr. Camille Soroyan. More precisely she's the boss of the scientists that work closely with the FBI to help with their murder investigations. In this interview Tamara talks about the aspects she likes most about her work, what she hopes to explore about her character Cam and she tells us a little bit about her first official acting job in the 90s.

Foto: Tamara Taylor, Bones - Copyright: 2011 Fox Broadcasting Co.; Justin Stephens/FOX
Tamara Taylor, Bones
© 2011 Fox Broadcasting Co.; Justin Stephens/FOX

1. How did you get into acting?

My Mom took me to see a Diana Ross double feature - Mahogany and Lady Sings the Blues. I think I decided that day that I wanted to act.

2. You play the forensic pathologist Camille Soroyan on "Bones". How did you prepare for this role or did you have certain storylines that you had to prepare specifically for?

I actually didn't get a chance to do much preparation before landing the role. I've basically been learning as I go along.

3. Which "Bones" storyline was the strongest and best one for you?

I really enjoyed doing the slave ship episode. There were a lot of interesting and complex emotions for me to dive into.

4. "Bones" had a lot of comical bizarre moments like stealing a body at a wake or the pony-players and also very emotional moments like the Christmas episodes. Which one of both stood out for you?

It's always fun to do the comedy bits. Figuring out how to find the humor in the often dark situations we find our characters in is always a blast!!

5. In the lab you often have to work with human remains that are usually horribly decomposed. Do you ever get used to working with these props and could you imagine really working on such human remains?

I'm very comfortable working with the props. The grosser the better!! And our special effects guys are amazing. The thing I have a problem with are the live insects. Not a big fan. And no, I couldn't imagine working with real human remains. I think it's a very specific calling.

6. Lots of your scenes are with Brennan's assistants who all have their quirks. Which one do you like most?

They're all really great to work with. I'd have to say that my scenes with Vincent Nigel Murray are always surprising. Ryan and I always manage to find something that's not on the page. And he totally cracks me up.

7. The scientists at the Jeffersonian offer vital help in the FBI's murder investigations and really solve most of the crimes. How realistic do you think this is?

I'd like to think it's very realistic, because that would be more interesting. But I really don't know.

Foto: Tamara Taylor & David Boreanaz, Bones - Copyright: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
Tamara Taylor & David Boreanaz, Bones
© Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

8. If you could write a storyline or scene for Cam, what would it be?

There's so much of Cam that hasn't been explored yet. I'd love to dive into her past a little more. Really find out what makes her tick. Maybe discover a hidden passion or secret life outside the Jeffersonian.

9. Is it true that Camille Soroyan was first planned as a guest role? And if so who convinced who to have her stay?

That is true. And I'm not sure there was much convincing. I think we just all fell in love. Just a good fit...

10. Do you sometimes meet and talk to fans? What is that like, do you feel they are talking to you or to Cam Soroyan?

I do. And it's always surprising to me how much people like the show!! We've got really nice fans...

11. You also were Grace Wilcox on "Party of Five" in the 90s. What do you remember best from this great drama show and what was working with young Matthew Fox like?

That everybody was really nice. It was my first official acting job and the cast and producers were so welcoming. And working with Matthew was awesome!! He's a great actor, very passionate about the work and totally hilarious. We laughed a lot.

12. Do you like to travel? What was the most exciting place you've been to?

I love traveling. And I haven't done nearly enough of it!! So far I think Bali is the most exciting place I've been.

13. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about TV series, do you have a favorite show?

Yes. Right now I'm totally obsessed with "Luther".

Nicole Oebel - myFanbase

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