Exclusive Interview with Chris Butler

Chris Butler plays the role of Matan Brody in the legal drama show "The Good Wife" and in this interview he talks about what he thinks about his character, which challenges working on the first season had in store and how he got into acting in the first place.

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1. How did you get started in acting?

I started acting in high school. My first role was Editor Webb, in "Our Town". I then joined a local teen theater troupe sponsored by Planned Parenthood which traveled the area, performing scenes about the problems kids faced in their daily lives. After that, I was hooked. I went on to study theater at both UNC-Chapel Hill and UC-San Diego, then moved to Los Angeles to peruse the dream.

2. You were in "True Blood" recently as shapeshifter Emory Broome. The show really is something else, how was working on it?

I've had a great time working on "True Blood". It's so much fun to work on a show you were already a fan of. I do hope Emory makes a return. The good news is, I'm not dead ...yet.

3. In "The Good Wife" you play Matan Brody, one of the assistant district attorneys. Is it fun to be in the antagonist position and play opposite the Lockhart/Gardner lawyers in court?

I've never really considered Matan an antagonist. I think he's more of a hero, who's been dropped into someone else's story. He really doesn't understand why things aren't going his way. As for "trading blows" with the lawyers at Lockhart/Gardener, this has been the highlight of the job. The writers of "The Good Wife" come up with some very interesting cases, and the actors I get to "spar" with, are excellent.

4. Do you think the standing of the district attorney's office in the show changed in season 2 when Cary Agos switched sides?

It's been nice having the storyline find its way into the States Attorney's Office. I think there will be many more opportunities to see our "antagonists" outside of the courtroom.

5. Are we going to see more of your character in season 3?


6. In what way do you think the district attorney's office is going to change now with Peter Florrick back in office?

I think there will be a lot of jockeying for position. I have no idea how it will all play out.

7. You were in the same episode as Michael J. Fox, #2.19 Wrongful Termination. He is an amazing man with a strong on screen presence. What is working with him like?

I didn't have the pleasure of meeting Mr. Fox. While we were in the same episode, we didn't share any scenes.

8. On DVDs you sometimes find bloopers from the shooting. What moments would you put in a "The Good Wife" gag reel?

In the first season we used a real city courthouse for all the courtroom scenes. As a result, we had to work some really late hours. Everyone gets a little loopy at 4am.

9. If you could put together an entire crew for a movie or show: Who would be the director? Who would be in the leading role(s)? And what would the film/show be about?

A baseball movie, directed by Ron Shelton, with me in the leading role?

10. myFanbase is a website that is devoted to American television shows. Do you have a favorite show?

Right now, my favorite show is probably "Modern Family".

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