Interview with Caleb Ruminer

Foto: Caleb Ruminer - Copyright: Marc Cartwright
Caleb Ruminer
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May 8, 2015 | Could anyone deny this angelic face anything? The role of the charming daredevil with a tortured soul on the MTV drama "Finding Carter" is tailor-made for the young actor Caleb Ruminer. On the show Crash's blue eyes don't only make even the brittlest heart melt they also tell a tale of his emotional scars. Caleb kindly made time to answer our questions about his character Crash and shares his thoughts about Crash's storyline. We keep our fingers crossed for Crash to return soon. "Finding Carter" just wouldn't be the same without him! In our interview Caleb also talks a little bit about communicating with the fans and a few things he has on his bucktlist.

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1. I'm not exactly sure how Crash can really walk free in season 2, but it's a strong storyline for both Crash and Max how they try to move past the shooting. What do you think why Crash is trying so hard to make amends instead of making a fresh start somewhere else?

I think he does want to move on from it and hopefully get a new start, but in order to do that he needs to first take responsibility for his mistakes. Whether he moves away for that new start or stays where he is, the first step in becoming a new person for him is getting Max's forgiveness. He will do anything he can to help Max and show that he wants to change.

2. The "A life saver who almost killed you" - "Too soon!" scene with Crash and Max was just priceless. Perfect bromance material! Please tell me there's a lot more of that on the horizon?

Yeah. I loved that scene when I read it. It's a nice bonding moment for them in a time when they both need someone. I think we will be seeing more of this throughout the season.

3. Considering Crash's past do you think he somehow longs to be part of the family with tough but loving mom Elizabeth and little brother Grant?

I think so. It's a lifestyle that is a bit unusual to him because he didn't always have someone there to take care of him or support him. Even though Elizabeth can be tough, I think Crash has only ever known tough love. Crash also had a younger brother that would be about Grant's age, so I think he feels a little sense of protection towards him.

4. You had some great material with Crash's erratic behaviour in season 1. What were you most excited about playing? And do you really think someone like him can completely change in such a short time?

I immediately liked that Crash wasn't just a "bad guy." Everyone said he was a bad guy so he just kind of took on that title. I loved playing against that. Trying to make him likeable through his intentions, even though his actions were a bit irrational. I think people can change in such a short amount of time. I think he started changing the moment the gun went off in his hand. At that point he realized that he was putting other people in danger for selfish reasons. Maybe all of his other stunts never really hurt anyone, but this one hurt a really good person. When something like that happens, it becomes part of your life story and you can either choose to accept it and fix it, or lie to yourself and deny it.

5. There are these kind of starcrossed lovers for whom getting back together is completely impossible and then they go from there to make it happen. Do you think Carter and Crash are among those?

They still have such an amazing connection that they aren't going to find in anyone else. I think they love each other enough that if they take things slow, they can rekindle something they once had.

Foto: Caleb Ruminer, Finding Carter - Copyright: MTV
Caleb Ruminer, Finding Carter

6. So between Max's hair, Grant's sarcasm, Lori's creep factor and Kathryn & Anna's striking resemblance, what's the show's secret ingredient you love most?

Pain. I think the majority of the show is based around it. It's something that every character has gone through and can empathize with. It's what connects most of the characters throughout the first and second season as an underlying fact. Everyone has pain and everyone deals with it in their own way. It brings an edginess to the show as well, rather than focusing on teen love or heartache, I think pain is a more relatable feeling.

7. On your instagram you posted a review quote "This show has the advantage of thinking everyday teenagers are werewolves and shadeshifters in their own right." which basically complements the argument that "Teen Wolf" really is about the "monstrosity" of adolescence. How would you compare the challenges of portraying teenage drama in a supernatural vs. real world?

I have never thought of Teen Wolf as being about the monstrosity of adolescence, but it is a really cool metaphor.

I think what Terri Minsky was communicating was that this show deals with a lot of the same issues as shows like Teen Wolf (lies, betrayal, loyalty, decisions, relationships, family, etc.) but instead of being based around the supernatural or fantasy, they are grounded in real to life characters and surrounded by real life situations.

8. How did you get into acting and did the job turn out to be how you pictured it?

I've wanted to be an actor since I was in third grade. I loved creating stories and being on stage. I loved the movie spy kids and I desperately wanted to be a real spy, but decided instead that I just really wanted to play a spy one day.

So far it has turned out to be what I thought it was. It's a lot more work than I imagined but I still love doing it. I was always the one who took pretending when I was a kid and even theater in high school way too seriously. When I would watch a movie or play I would always rather be doing it than watching it.

9. Would you share with us three things that are on your bucketlist?

It's a long list:
Make a movie about my family
Lunch with Michael Jordan

10. How do you experience communication between actors and fans through social media? What does it add to the experience being on a show with a passionate fandom?

Being able to communicate with fans is great! I love it. In a way, I think showing them a little bit of who you are helps remind them that you are just playing a character. Being on a show with passionate fans is amazing because sometimes they even think of things or plot points that we didn't think of. In the first season a fan thought Bird and Carter should be together and none of us had even thought about that as a potential relationship.

11. I read "The Newsroom is among your favorite tv shows. What other shows do you like, character or plot driven, serialized or procedural etc.?

I am a huge fan of "Breaking Bad" as well. It's rare that I watch a show in its entirety. I usually watch a few seasons and then kind of fall off. But, I mainly like character driven shows and movies. It feels more relatable, like you're inside the characters thoughts.

Thank you so much for making time for us, Caleb, we wish you all the best for your future!

Thank you!!!

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