Interview with Corbin Bernsen

We got the opportunity to do an interview with Corbin Bernsen, one of the stars from the new crime-comedy "Psych". He talked about the show, his life as an actor, his new projects and much more.

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1. What do you think, why is "Psych" such a success although there are a lot of crime series like CSI etc.?

Psych is a big success because it offers a smile in today's strange and less than perfect world. We are not like CSI and offer a lighter take on the world. There is room for both of us.

2. How much of your character Henry Spencer is in yourself?

I'm like my character in that when you hit 50 you're pretty much set in your ways and it takes quite a bit to change you.

3. What do you like more? Playing in a TV show or in a movie? What is more exciting, what is more stressful?

I like acting, period. It can be in a TV show, a film, a commercial, or theater. It doesn't matter. I love the craft of acting. Acting in any of those mediums simply requires a shift in the approach, recognizing the size of the audience and how "close" they are to you.

4. You are married and have four sons. But you have to work a lot for a TV show. Isn't it sometimes hard to combine work and private life?

I'm very good at focusing on what the task is at hand. If I'm with my family, they get 100 percent of me. I'f I'm working, then that gets 100 percent. In the end, I'm fully with whom I'm with. My kids learn about discipline and my wife sees further proof of my dedication to that which I'm devoted.

5. At the moment you are working on a lot of film projects like "Dead Air", "Angel's Blade" and "House of Fallen". What can you tell us about these
movies and your parts in them?

Dead Air is a movie I'm directing and producing. It is a great horror/thriller and means quite a bit to me. The other two you mention are simply roles in other people's movies. They too are great films, but my heart is with DEAD AIR currently.

In some of the named movies you are not only in front of the camera but also behind it as producer or director. Is it only a nice change from your normal work or do you plan to extend your work behind the scenes?

Yes, I love directing and writing. Expect to see more of that in the future. My television job on Psych is fantastic and satisfies all my needs for acting. But right now I've fallen in love with directing. I've always been a writer, but now I'm able to fund and shoot the movies I write. Fantastic! Like discovering sex!

7. When you read a script how do you decide whether you play a part in the film or show or not?

When I read a script I look for a good story that makes sense and takes you on a journey. Then I see if that journey has enough twists and turns to keep the story exciting. Then I look at the character. My characters all have to have the following: They must be individuals who, despite whatever condition or present situation they are in, have a deeper need and want to succeed. I prefer chracters who are smart, even if their outer appearances don't show proof of that. Finally, I like characters who are faulted, and while they sometimes appear to have the world at their feet,they actually have no ownership of their own lives whatsover.

8. Looking back, which was your favorite part ever?

My favorite part ever was perhaps in the Dentist movies. Very clear motive that lead to extreme behavior. A true challenge that one!

9. Have there been any funny or meaningful moments in the past at a film set or somewhere else that you enjoy to remember?

There are always funny moments on every film set I'm on, and too many to even identify one. I will say that the set of Psych is non stop laughter.

10. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about TV series do you have a favorite one?

I have several favorite TV series but right now "House" leads the pack. I also happen to be enjoying my old buddy Jimmy Smit's new show "Cane".

Catherine - myFanbase