Interview with Annabeth Gish

We got the opportunity to do an interview with Annabeth Gish from "The X Files". She talks about her experience on the "The X Files" - Set.


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1. Why didn't you join the second "The X Files" movie? If there is a third movie, will you join that one?

There was not a suitable role, but I can't wait to see it.

2. Your role in "The X Files", Monica Reyes, was an expert for the occult. Have you occupied yourself with this topic, too? Do you believe in the supernatural?

I've always been interested in metaphysical ideas and rather esoteric by nature, so playing Monica was a good fit. Although I'm sure she was far more specialized in her field of knowledge than I.

3. Have you kept any "The X Files" mementos?

Sure, I have several significant items.

4. Have you watched "The X files" before and during your time as Monica Reyes? If so, which season do you think was the best and why?

Too hard for me to say. I remember watching "X Files" from my college commons room when it first premiered and it was transfixing from the beginning. I didn't follow every season or episode religiously, but caught it when I could.

5. Would you have wanted to join the cast of "The X Files" even sooner as Monica Reyes or in an other role?

I joined when I was invited to join and it was a pleasure from the beginning of my time there to the end. The timing was perfect.

6. What can you tell to us about your currently planned projects?

I am currently about to begin shooting our third season of "Brotherhood" for Showtime, which is nothing like "X Files", but gritty, real and a very interesting role for me.

7.You played a role in the film "Desperation", which is based on a novel by Stephen King. Have you read the book before or after your appearance? What did you like more, the movie or the book? Did you notice any differences between the book and the movie?

I read the book in preparation for the movie. It's so easy to get immersed in reading a Stephen King story, but to bring it to life was great fun! I enjoyed the drama of the horrific moments -- everything except the scenes with live tarantulas.

8. Congratulations, you've been a mother for a year now! How has your life changed since your son Cash Alexander was born?

Oh, it's quite the juggling act now, but my life is so much richer for having him in it. Motherhood is full of challenging moments but mostly, for me, joyous ones.

9. myFanbase is a website dedicated to American TV series. Do you have a favorite show?

Right now my favorite show is 30 Rock -- I love Tina Fey and her brilliant humor.

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