Exclusive interview with Gabriel Macht

January 29, 2014 | As the charming legal comedy-drama "Suits" is about to start airing in Germany soon, lead actor Gabriel Macht kindly took the time to answer a few of our questions describing what makes the show special. He gives a little insight to working on set having fun with the other castmembers and if there are similarities between himself and his character, bold lawyer Harvey Specter. We also talked about Harvey's relationship with his smart protégé Mike Ross and his quick-witted secretary Donna.

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1) "Suits" will have it's Germany premiere on February 7th – from the top of your head: What are the best qualities of the show?

There are so many... First of all the show is well loved by a lot of the world, it's playing in so many different countries, people are tweeting about it all the time. People who come to the show are fascinated by the way that we created a law show that is funny and is really about the characters that are taking care of the business and not so much about the clients. What we do differently is, each case directly reflects what the characters are going through in their own personal way and as time goes on we really get inside of these characters lifes and hearts. In many ways it's very funny at times and then it can get really dark. I think people who are watching it for the first time are going to get a kick out of the characters that are in here, there are a lot of winners and losers and it's a good ride.

2) What made you audition for the part of Harvey Specter? What do you admire about this character?

When I read the script, the writing was on the table. It is just such good writing, the syntax is heightened and elevated – personally, I don't know people who actually talk like this. But I felt I would like those quick witted banter and very playful energy. For the character part, he was strong and masculine and passionate and stubborn and insecure, flawed and all of that. I thought he could be this heroic character that could put a stamp on the New York law scene. And I just... he attracted me, you know?

3) If you were a lawyer do you think you would be one like Harvey Specter, so confident and daring?

No, I don't think so. I'm very different from who he is in my personal life. I wouldn't become a lawyer, I wouldn't touch that at all.

4) Has playing a lawyer for more than three years changed your way of negotiating something that you want?

Maybe, but not really. I'm a little bit more soft and easy going.

5) You and Patrick J. Adams have a great chemistry in front of the camera, was it "love at first sight" behind the scenes, too?

We met before we started shooting. We had lunch and we sat down across from each other, looked at each other and we just had a similar way. We look at life in a similar way and what was great is that it felt like there wasn't any ego involved. We made a commitment to each other to not bring any ego onto the set, knowing that we would be going to ride this ship as the number one and number two on the show. We had to work like a team to create an environment where we can take risks, we can fail and we can bounce ideas off each other and not worry about being judged along the way. And I think that rippled throughout the cast. We really enjoyed each other onscreen and off the last three years.

6) You've been friends with Sarah Rafferty for a long time and now she plays Harvey's secretary Donna. How will Donna and Harvey interact, how would you describe their relationship?

It's definitely a boss/secretary relationship. He has very large demands but she is often ahead of him and knows what he wants. They have a long history together and she will confront him on issues she doesn't believe in but more often than not she will carry through his demands, even if she doesn't believe in it. She will tell him to his face "I don't believe what's going on here but I'll do it for you anyway", because she believes in him for the long run. They have a great banter towards each other and the have a real history, so when you watch the show that will come out as we move forward.

7) Do you have a personal favorite among the supporting characters and guest actors?

I have a couple of favorites but they don't come until season two and season three.

8) On Twitter you said Conleth Hill was the funniest in the cast. Did Lord Varys give away a few of his "Game of Thrones" secrets?

He didn't and, you know, I haven't watched the show. But he is one terrific guy, he is hilarious. The British invasion comes in season two and all three of them are funny funny funny on camera and off camera.

9) How is the atmosphere on set like? Any anecdotes you would like to share?

A lot of people talk about how I like to laugh. You know, I have sort of a short attention span and I find a lot of moments when I'm working fifteen, sixteen hours and sometimes I just break into giggles and we'll all have a funny way going about that. You know, sometimes, when the camera is just on me and it's maybe over a character that I'm working with, it's making me laugh. And I'll just tell them "Don't do that thing, you're making me laugh, you're so great at what you're doing. It's so funny, just tone it down a little bit". But I've seen them in the remaining years picking up that note and saying it to others when they think other actors are funny.

10) Do people recognize you a lot on the street?

Yeah, it has become a daily thing for me. There are fans from around the world and they shout "Hey, Harvey Specter!"

11) What was your favorite encounter with a fan?

I was walking at the street one day and I saw a guy who had his hair all slicked back and he had a suit on. He was walking and crossed eyes with me as I walked the street. We started walking in the same direction on parallel roads and I looked over again and he caught eyes with me. And then he beelined for me, crossed the street back to me and was like "You're the guy, right?" And I said "I'm the guy that plays Harvey Specter". "Yeah", he goes, "yeah, but I'm the real thing!" That was really funny, I couldn't believe it. And he looked like it! He looked like it, really.

12) Can you tell us three things that are currently on your bucket list?

On my bucket list… Uhm, the question is totally catching me by surprise. Some more travel, spending quality time with my family and just getting the most I can out of my wife and daughter.

13) myFanbase is a website that's devoted to American television shows. Do you have one or more favorite shows?

Not to be like Harvey Specter, but I don't have favorites. I really enjoy the show "The Wire", and I got into "Orphan Black" last year, terrific acting by its lead star Tatiana Maslany. I was so impressed by her work. And I'm just starting to watch "Breaking Bad" now. Those are the three that come to mind right now.

Thank you for having this little chat with me, Gabriel, and all the best!

You too, take care.

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