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January, 2014 | Some of you may know young actor Jonathan Keltz from "Entourage" as Jeremy Piven's assistant Jake Steinberg. In the new The CW teen period drama "Reign" however he plays the charming kitchen boy Leith who doesn't only turn one of Queen Mary's ladies' head. Jonathan Keltz took the time to answer a few of our questions on this new feel-good show and he also talks a little bit about his other TV roles.

Foto: Jonathan Keltz, Reign - Copyright: The CW
Jonathan Keltz, Reign
© The CW

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1. "Reign" just got its back nine order - can you give us some scoop what lies ahead for Leith? Or maybe what lies behind him? We haven't got too much background information about him yet.

I can't say too much, but there are some hard choices ahead for him. He'll have to decide what is best for his family, his heart, and his life. The second half of the season is BIG.

2. Regarding the modern aspect of the show, Leith's relationship with Greer seems to be like the popular cheerleader secretly dating the cute nerd. Is the royal court in "Reign" some kind of ancient high school?

I think those stereotypes and archetypes follow us through time and our entire lives. We grow up but we still find ourselves in the same dynamics. It's our responsibility to rise above the prejudices of those dynamics.... and fall in love with the charming kitchen boy.

3. Can you tell us something about what it's like to film a period drama? Are there a lot of sword fights between takes? Or funny incidents regarding the costumes or the scenery?

The shoot has been wonderful. We all get along really well so it's been fun time-traveling together. Shooting a period piece like this is such a great experience because the sets, the costumes; all of it helps you truly escape into the realm of make believe. I like getting to explore a life and journey so completely different from my own. So far I've played with the food rather than any sword fights.

4. What do you think are the three most important elements that make this new show stand out?

Foto: Jonathan Keltz - Copyright: Brian Higbee
Jonathan Keltz
© Brian Higbee

I think one of the most interesting things about the show is the combination of history and fantasy. We have the framework of Mary Queen of Scotts and her life and struggle, but we have also created our own world to explore them in. The attention to detail is amazing; the painted ceilings, the gorgeous gowns, the whole atmosphere is astonishing, but its our world. There are things borrowed from other times and other eras. The characters are historical and fictional. The soundtrack even has a bit of then and now. This give us a rich world to play with and create.

5. One of your first acting jobs was on "Queer as Folk". What was that like when you were starting out?

Well, my character was a pretty hateful gay-basher and very far from myself so it was interesting exploring that kind of prejudice and anger. The most fun part of the job was that he was a very competitive swimmer so I had a lot of training to do for the shoot. I was working non-stop to perfect my stroke and my stamina to be able to do the shoot. In the end it all worked out well.

6. You are in the new season of "Republic of Doyle". What is shooting in Newfoundland like and how do find it different from working on an HBO or The CW show?

Every show is different. There are hundreds of people involved in production and development so each show is a chemistry experiment as to how these elements will collide. I love being able to bounce all over the place to different shows, different worlds and in effect different cities. Travel is a great part of the gig. Newfoundland is a fun island town practically in the middle of the ocean. The people are warm and wonderful. It's a bit windy though...

7. Working on different shows this season does this mean your scenes for "Reign" are shot in Toronto or do you film in Ireland, too?

All of the scenes I've shot for Reign have been in Toronto. I haven't gone to Ireland.... yet...

Foto: Jonathan Keltz - Copyright: Brian Higbee
Jonathan Keltz
© Brian Higbee

8. If your "Entourage" character Jake Steinberg were to magically become the new film star, who would you choose as his entourage (you can choose characters from whatever show you like)?

Easy. the entire cast of Ocean's 11, 12..... and 13. Throw in the rat pack from the original as well.

9. The "Entourage" movie is finally under way now. What would you love and what would you hate to see happen?

I'd love to see it reconnect with the roots of the show. The brilliance was in the weaving of fantasy and reality. It was my dream show coming up in the industry. I'd hate to see it not happen?

10. If you could put together an entire crew for a movie or show: Who would be the director? Who would be in the leading role(s)? And what would the film/show be about?

Christopher Nolan would direct. My friends and I would star in it. It would be about super powers, but only the cool ones.

11. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about U.S. television shows, what are your favorite shows?

"Breaking Bad", "Game of Thrones", "Justified", "Suits", "House of Cards", "The Tomorow People" and The Daily Show with John Stewart

Thank you, Jonathan, we wish you all the best for your future!

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