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Season 1

Evan Williams (August 2016)

Is the Chevalier the Iago of "Versailles"? Evan Williams on the different colors of a flawed character, portraying love without 'straight cinema' filters and losing in soccer to a seven-year-old... mehr

Alexander Vlahos (September 2016)

Alexander Vlahos on the journey that has been "Versailles", portraying a character with an underlying instinct to be the star and exploring Philippe d'Orléans' lighter side in season 2. He also reflects on "The Confessions of Dorian Gray" and his favorite part of being an actor... mehr

Tygh Runyan (September 2016)

Tygh Runyan on portraying Fabien Marchal, leader of the police force at the court of King Louis XIV in "Versailles". A complex character with a strong moral code, somewhere between the king's samurai and the angel of death... mehr

Stuart Bowman (November 2016)

Stuart Bowman on portraying Bontemps, a powerful man who gets great personal satisfaction from serving his King in "Versailles", a series that's been a life changing event in all the Versailles Family's lives... mehr

Noémie Schmidt (November 2016)

Swiss actress Noémie Schmidt on portraying Henriette in "Versailles", wife of Philippe d'Orléans, mistress of his brother King Louis XIV, a woman steering through troubled waters with soft strength, and on feeling powerful in the 17th century costume... mehr

Anatole Taubman (January 2017)

Swiss actor Anatole Taubman on portraying Moncourt in "Versailles", an ambivalent character pushed to extremes, and on how filming in original locations informs the choices of an actor... mehr

Pre-Season 2

Alexander Vlahos (March 2017)

Alexander Vlahos returns as Philippe in the eagerly anticipated "Versailles" season 2. When we met up to talk about different aspects of his work on stage and on camera these are the thoughts he shared about working on "Versailles" and the upcoming season 2. Find a soundclip inside... mehr

Jessica Clark (April 2017)

Jessica Clark on joining the Versailles cast in season 2, portraying La Palatine, Princess Elisabeth Charlotte, and the one-of-a-kind introduction of a straightforward and playful character... mehr

Evan Williams (April 2017)

Evan Williams on exploring the vanity and vulnerability of the Chevalier de Lorraine in the upcoming second season of Versailles and on moving moments with the buildOn project Nep-ALL-In in Nepal... mehr

Season 2

George Webster (May 2017)

George Webster on being part of "Genius", National Geographic's first drama series, portraying troubled characters based on real people, bringing the powerful Prince William of Orange to life in "Versailles" - bouncy hair and all - and making his first feature film, "Further Ed", in his early 20s... mehr

Tygh Runyan (June 2017)

When we met with Tygh Runyan in Paris for this interview we talked about his portrayal Fabien Marchal, a role that tests the audience to some degree, and the deeper connection between Versailles' head of security and King Louis XIV... mehr

Evan Williams (June 2017)

Walking through some smaller, less busy, picturesque streets of Paris to find a nice place to sit down for this interview, Evan Williams and I got into chatting about the fabulous dedication of the Versailles Family, beautiful places and cities he recently got to see and Matcha cookies. Evan is an excellent writer, a talented artist... mehr

Alexander Vlahos (June 2017)

Paris. A mild summer's day. A lively French patio restaurant. Trees providing shadow. The perfect backdrop for passionate and fun discussions with Alexander Vlahos on all things Alexander Vlahos, the man and the actor, Philippe d'Orléans, our favourite Prince of France, and Versailles season 2... mehr

Mark Rendall (July 2017)

Mark Rendall on playing Thomas Beaumont in Versailles season 2, a newcomer at court, a great conversationalist and a very skilled spy, whose biggest weakness is his arrogance... mehr

Steve Cumyn (October 2017)

Steve Cumyn on playing Colbert, Minister of Finances, one of the cornerstones among King Louis XIV's advisors in Versailles, and on the turning point for a character who is, at first, pure politician... mehr

Joe Sheridan (February 2018)

Joe Sheridan shares anecdotes from the Versailles set and his take on Louvois, Minister of War, a manipulative man happy to carry out the King's dirty business... mehr

Pre-Season 3

Alexander Vlahos, Evan Williams, Tygh Runyan, Steve Cumyn & Joe Sheridan (April 2018)

The final season of Versailles is about to premier in France and as we're preparing to accompany the characters on their captivating, colourful journey one last time, dive in here to refreshen your memories on what the actors shared about season 3 while they were filming it in Paris... mehr

Season 3

Alexander Vlahos (August 2018)

Sitting down in York we take a closer look at Versailles' season 3, the highs and lows of the whole journey and the lumious character that is Philippe d'Orléans. For me as a viewer, the character has been the anchor on the show - for Alex Vlahos as the actor, has he been a challenge of a lifetime?... mehr

Marie Askehave (November 2018)

Marie Askehave on Versailles season 3, portraying Delphine, Duchesse d'Angers, a strong-willed feminist at the court of Louis XIV, her special connection with the Chevalier de Lorraine, and the essence of courage... mehr

Stuart Bowman (December 2018)

Stuart Bowman on Bontemps in season 3 and the task of protecting and guiding King Louis XIV, the fondest memories of living in Paris and working on an equal footing with people of all ages... mehr

Evan Williams (December 2018)

"Fitting to end on such a crescendo." Evan Williams remembers his final day on Versailles as we discuss his journey of portraying the Chevalier de Lorraine in season 3. He also shares his thoughts about creating music and the buildOn project he is currently working on... mehr


Alexander Vlahos & Scott Handcock, Hamlet (December 2016)

In this interview Alexander Vlahos and director Scott Handcock talk about their audiodrama "Hamlet": First, Alex on his journey with the character of Hamlet. Second, both Alex and Scott on their shared process and hopes. And third, Scott on the realisation of this ambitious audio drama... mehr

Alexander Vlahos, La Ronde (February 2017)

A closer look at the creative process and brave choices of an actor exploring the preconceived notions of sexuality and social fabric at court in 17th century France as well as in modern day London. We met Alex in London to talk about about different aspects of his work on stage and on camera... mehr

Versailles Fan Artists (October 2017)

"Versailles", the drama series set at Louis XIV's court in the 17th century, is one of these shows that exalt the imagination of a great variety of artists. We talked to some of these 'Artists of the Court' about their work, distinctive styles and their passion to create and share their pieces, and the mix of agreement and significantly varying thoughts is simply fascinating... mehr

Alexander Vlahos, Romeo and Juliet (June 2018)

Now, after laying Philippe, Duke of Orléans to rest and saying goodbye to Versailles, Verona awaits. With a highly animated Alexander Vlahos, who is soon going to play the character of Romeo, we chat about Shakespeare's words and what this new challenge means to him... mehr

Alexander Vlahos, Lola (September 2018)

Two actors who love creating. A story that needs to be told. A beautifully challenging vision. A successful crowdfunding campaign full of heart. As actor Alex Vlahos prepares for his directorial debut with Lola Short Film he took some time out of his busy schedule to discuss what this new endeavour entails, how much making a film is really a collaboration, how the film evolves through the creative process... mehr

George Webster, Star Dogs (April 2020)

George Webster is a British actor, best known as William of Orange in VERSAILLES and Milo in TRIPPED, and a filmmaker whose debut film FURTHER ED is on Amazon Prime. STAR DOGS is an exciting new TV pilot George created and starred in that not only fans of Joss Whedon's SciFi western "Firefly" should take a look at... mehr

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