Exclusive interview with Steve Lund

August 6, 2015 | Many of you will remember Steve Lund as The Colorado Kid in "Haven". In his recent show "Bitten" he plays Nick Sorrentino, the playboy who wraps all the ladies around his little finger. In real life he's also a total charmer, who loves his work and his fans. In our interview he kindly made time to talk about the events in "Bitten" season 2 and the upcoming third season and he also talks about the experiences he and Greyston Holt made at fan conventions.

Foto: Steve Lund - Copyright: photo: Tim Leyes
Steve Lund
© photo: Tim Leyes

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German translation of the interview.

Unlike other supernatural shows "Bitten" focuses more on the human side of the werewolfs. Does it make it easier to play a werewolf?

We don't often find ourselves concerned with the wolf aspect of the show while we're on set, only because that human side of it is so abundantly present in the material. For each situation we find ourselves in as wolves, we relate as actors to themes of identity, legacy, love and family. When you think of it in those terms, it becomes very playable.

Your character Nick was born as a werewolf and grew up knowing what would eventually happen to him. Do you think because he knew about his families legacy, that what happened to him in season 2, falling in love with Paige, kind of scared him, because it's something, he doesn't really know?

Nick has always been warned of getting too close to somebody and was weary, often exhibiting opposite behavior, but he never fully understood his fathers lessons until he met Paige. There has always been a yearning to understand himself on a deeper level but he never truly knew how to explore that. When Paige came into his life, it was clear that this was the piece he was missing and needed to explore. He knew it could come at a cost, but it was about measuring the worth of his experience and what Paige gave him was invaluable.

In season 1 Nick was the fun-loving, living the life to its fullest kind of guy. In season 2 it seemed like he was ready to give a relationship with Paige a try. Do you think the fact, that he sees what Elena and Clay have can work, helps him to try to look for that same kind of connection with someone?

I think Nick was very affected by the lengths that each Clay and Elena were willing to go for their love, and the resulting casualties of it changed something in him. He was so shielded from affection as a child for protective purposes, but now that he is his own man he is ready to live for someone other than himself.

The episode in which Paige and Nick are off meeting Nick's mum was beautiful. When she comes over and we see the little kid in Nick, with his emotions all over the place, was amazing. How was it working on that scene?

It was truly a highlight of my life, let alone my career. That episode was directed by Executive Producer J.B. Sugar, whom with I feel very comfortable and confident, so that set the stage to play. Coupled with the most wonderful and most talented Tommie-Amber Pirie who is always there to receive the fullest of every emotion known to mankind. Compound that once again with this lovely angel of a person who coincidentally, although I think serendipitously hails from my home province of Nova Scotia Shauna Macdonald, and you've got the makings of some heartfelt art.

The pack lost one of its members in season two - a total shocker by the way - is there a chance that we could be introduced to a new member in season 3?

It was a very devastating loss for the show indeed. We're still not entirely over that one in fact. We were very upset to see him go, but its required to mention what a tremendous performance he gave on his way out. Boy sure knows how to make an exit! I've certainly heard tell of some new characters being introduced and also visiting some familiar ones in different places and stages of their lives.

Nick was the first one Logan told the news about Rachel being pregnant with a boy. After losing his pack member and best friend do you think your character could try to become a kind of guardian for the baby?

I better be the godfather! I think that child will have a few fathers that would put their heart and soul into raising him right. Logan's death will not be in vain. He will live on.

Foto: Steve Lund - Copyright: photo: Tim Leyes
Steve Lund
© photo: Tim Leyes

We're so happy there is going to be a third season of Bitten. Congratulations by the way! Can you reveal anything about what can we expect?

Yes: Elena is gifted 3 mysterious eggs and nurses them for a long journey across many lands until the eggs eventually hatch and dragons are spawned that are under her control and she becomes the most powerful wolf in the land. Wait, that sounds like its been done before…

Originally you auditioned for the role of Clay, what interested you in that character?

Initially I was very attracted to the rich back story of the material. The audition cam with whats called a “bible” that details the storyline overall as well as one for each main character. I knew upon reading the breakdown for Nick that I was probably better suited to play him than Clay, and evidently so did the producers!

In an interview you said one of your goals was to get a role in an independent feature film. On Twitter you announced that you started filming "Flung". Do you feel like you reached this goal?

Flung was a great independent project to work on and definitely scratched a lot of that itch. It is a short film and not a feature, although all the work and preparation we did for it, made it certainly feel like a feature. It was nice to be a part of something from basically the ground up and I think the final product will be something we will be proud of.

The acting business can be very hard and really competitive. Did the fact that you competed professionally in hockey help you to get through the hard times?

My experience in an environment like that of Canadian hockey lends itself to me continually. The details are different, but the obstacles remain the same. I have an understanding of perseverance that allows me to push through those hard times that are ever present for any actor at any stage. No matter what you've accomplished, you know there's always something more. No matter how hard you work, you know you can always work harder.

You attended a few conventions since you are on Bitten. Can you describe the interactions with the fans at these kind of events?

I remain, there is no group of people I have encountered in my days, that are so consistently grateful, gracious and complimentary than the fans we meet at conventions. It fills us with something special that you don't receive on a regular basis, but for which you are so thankful to have. It's a unique energy that affirms all the work we put into this stuff. It tells you that you've had a positive effect on someone else's life and in my humble opinion, there is no greater reward.

Judging from your instagram account you like to travel. What's the next big trip on your bucket list? Any chance that you are going to check out Europe?

Myself and Greyston actually just returned from a ComiCon show aboard a cruise ship which sailed around the Mediterranean and it was sensational. Can't say enough about the fans and that whole experience, but Europe made me feel things I've never felt before and I cant wait to get back. I don't know where to begin.. so I will wait. Ask me again in a year!

What tv shows do you like, character or plot driven, serialized or procedural etc.?

I'm an avid watcher of character driven shows be it drama or comedy. I'm very critical of shows to a fault and it makes it difficult to get into a show. For me, "True Detective" (season 1.. I've boycotted season 2) is just about the pinnacle of television drama for me, the comedy side of that is "Broad City". That shit is some LOLz.

Thank you for making time for us, Steve, we wish you all the best for your future!

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