Interview with Tawny Cypress

We got the opportunity to do an interview with Tawny Cypress, the star from "Heroes". She talked about the show, her character Simone Deveaux and answered questions from her fans...


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1. First of all: You have a new project "Bella". Can you tell us something about this movie and which part you will play in it?

"Bella" is a sweet, little film by Alejandro Gomez Monteverde about friendship between two unfortunate souls played by Eduardo Verastegui and Tammy Blanchard. The part I play, Frannie, is that of a restaurant manager and friend to Eduardo's character, Jose. Alejandro based Frannie on an old boss of his that he became very close with. Quick and bold without being rude. Frannie's just "one of the guys" running a successful restaurant.

2. Since your show is called "Heroes” what is a Hero for you? What kind of persons are Heroes? Do you have a Hero?

The definition of a hero for me is someone who you admire, who selflessly helps you in some way and who possesses qualities that you hope to acquire one day if you try hard enough. And in that regard, I suppose even evil people can be somebody's hero. I do have heroes. My brother, Toby, is a hero of mine. He's got a resilience that might make you think he was made of teflon. And he's "super"-talented. Also, my dear friend and teacher, Barbara Marchant is a hero for me. She's been on my side even when I didn't have a side to be on without ever asking anything in return and she has a grace that makes me hope to be just like her one day when I grow up.

3. What can you tell us about your character?

My character on "Heroes" is Simone Deveaux and she is an art dealer based in New York City. Her father made a killing playing the stock market which makes her first-generation money. The pressure of living her father's dreams has made her a bit of a realist and quite conservative. Unfortunately, the man she is in love with is a brilliant, but drug-addicted artist. We start off Simone's story with her father on his deathbed and his male nurse secretly in love with her. Everyone she loves is hurting. The people around her are doing and saying crazy things. Whatever will she do?

4. Can you tell us anything about the first season of ”Heroes”?

Things I can tell you about the first season of "Heroes":
The first couple of episodes you get to meet (mostly) everybody and then the story kicks right in, fast and deep. As the show gets going, tales come in and out so, not every storyline is in every episode. And, record the episode cause you may want to go back and watch that
awesome scene again!

5. When you first read the script of "Heroes” what did you think?

When I first read the script, the first thing I thought was how cool it was. How well written and freakin' fun it was. The second thing I thought was that there wasn't a part in it for me. In fact, I almost called out of the initial audition because I knew they weren't looking for my type, but I thought the script was so cool that I went anyway. I thought it'd fun enough just doing the audition... and it was.

6. You played a part in one of the first 9/11 movies "World trade center”. What was working on the movie like?

"World Trade Center" meant a lot to me. I was there that day, standing on my roof getting vertigo. I still see it fresh in my mind twenty blocks away. It's a wound that hasn't healed and I really wanted to be a part of telling somebody's story somehow. Oliver and I met several times on that project and I auditioned for several different parts before he finally conceded that there just wasn't a role there, but he offered me this small, painful moment and I took it. It was important to me.

7. Since your mother is half german, have you ever been here in Germany? What impressions did you have?

I have never been to germany. I just watched a beautiful documentary on the Berlin Wall coming down. I would love to see that in person. It's certainly on my list of places to see.

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