Exclusive interview with Eric Close

September 24, 2013 | After starring in numerous succesful TV shows, including eight years as Special Agent Martin Fitzgerald in "Without a Trace", Eric Close currently portrays Mayor Teddy Conrad in ABC's "Nashville". In our interview he talks about Teddy's troubled family life with Rayna, his bucket list and the Hofbräuhaus in Munich.

Foto: Eric Close, Nashville - Copyright: Bob D'Amico
Eric Close, Nashville
© Bob D'Amico

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How would you describe "Nashville" and what you enjoy most about it to new viewers?

What I enjoy most about the show is the original music and watching it come alive through the incredibly talented cast.

Some of the characters from the show are musicians and the actors perform themselves. Would you like your character Teddy to pick up a mic or an instrument sometime, too?

The only time you will most likely see Teddy sing is when he's in the shower or drunk at a karaoke bar.

Teddy was elected as mayor. Could you imagine running for office with all those ups and downs that we've seen on "Nashville"?

Not a chance. I'm sticking with my day job. But if I didn't have a choice I'd want to be Mayor of either Nashville or San Diego. Two of my favorite cities.

The show has two major plot lines: country music and politics, and the relationship between Teddy and Rayna is the main link between the two. How will the two storylines be connected after their divorce?

They have two beautiful and amazingly talented daughters that will keep Rayna and Teddy connected. Plus, Teddy and Rayna are broke so they need Maddie and Daphne to go triple Platinum and do a global tour, selling out stadiums worldwide.

In the season finale Maddie learned that Teddy isn't her biological father. Will this discovery change their relationship? How will Teddy handle the fact that he has to "share" his daughter with his nemesis Deacon?

I think it will strengthen the relationship between Maddie and Teddy over time because he's a dedicated father and he was there for Rayna during a very difficult time in her life. He chose to be Maddie's father even when he learned about Deacon being her biological father and knowing that Rayna still loved Deacon. I'd say that makes Teddy a pretty stand up guy. "'Share' his daughter with Deacon??" Ummmmm. I don't think so.

How is Rayna's accident going to affect the already messed up Conrad/Jaymes family life? Will it bring everyone closer together again?

I don't know if it'll bring them closer but it'll definitely bring up their insurance premiums. Seriously, I hope Rayna and Teddy fall in love for real someday after Deacon gets his ass kicked by Blake Shelton for running off with Miranda Lambert.

Foto: Eric Close, Without a Trace - Copyright: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Eric Close, Without a Trace
© Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

"Without a Trace" was the first crime procedural that had me rooting for the starcrossed lovers, Martin and Samantha. Why couldn't they work things out?

I'm not sure why it was so brief. It would have been nice if it had lasted longer.

What's the best experience you're going to take with you from "Without a Trace"?

The friendships I made and making my directorial debut. I was fortunate to get behind the camera several times during our 7 season run.

Which character you ever played, was the hardest work? And which one had the most influence on you?

That's a tough one because every role requires hard work and each one has influenced me in various ways.

Would you tell us three things that are currently on your bucket list?

I have two daughters and Lord willing I hope to dance at their weddings one day. I hope to see the Aurora Borealis in all their glory, perhaps in Alaska or Iceland. I'd like to backpack the Milford Track in New Zealand and play golf in Scotland.

You like traveling, right? Have you ever been to Germany? What did you see or what would you like to see?

Yes, I love to travel. I would travel 365 days a year if I could. I have been to Germany and visited Munich and Regensburg. I spent a lot of time at the Hofbrauhaus in Munich. The Munich train station was spectacular and the first thing I did when I stepped off of the train was order a bratwurst and a cold beer.

Since myFanbase is an online magazine about U.S. television shows, what are your favorite shows?

Hands down "Breaking Bad" is my favorite show. Oh, and "Nashville" too, of course.

Thank you, Eric, we wish you all the best with "Nashville" and new projects!

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