Video: Rachel Bilson And Melinda Clarke Test Their ‘O.C.’ Knowledge

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Alexa, play “California” by Phantom Planet. We’ve all been begging the stars for an ‘O.C.’ reboot since it ended in 2007. So far, no such luck, but we’ll keep trying. Fortunately, thanks to Rachel Bilson (aka Summer Roberts) and Melinda Clarke (aka Julie Cooper), we can keep up with all things ‘O.C.’ on their new podcast, ‘Welcome to the OC, B*tches.’ Diehard ‘The O.C.’ fans know this show back to front, but how do the original actors stand up to the test? We sat down with Bilson and Clarke to see if they can remember these drama-filled details. Spoilers ahead for anyone who hasn’t finished the show, but c’mon, you’ve had time.