"Supernatural" interview with David Haydn-Jones

April 19, 2017 | David Haydn-Jones joined the cast of The CW hit show "Supernatural" in season 12. He plays the character Arthur Ketch, a very skilled yet quite ruthless member of the British Men of Letters. In our interview he talks about his work on the show and his thoughts on his profession.

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Foto: David Haydn-Jones - Copyright: Theo and Juliette Los Angeles
David Haydn-Jones
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Your character is basically the James Bond of the "Supernatural" world. What were the challenges playing such a merciless and highly-skilled character?

I think the biggest challenge for me with Ketch was trying to balance his “charm” mask and polite, posh front he presents at times, with the ruthless, laser-focused assassin qualities he possesses. I wanted to investigate a man who can switch emotions and thoughts on a dime, sometimes scarily and erratically. But I also wanted the audience to see this is a programmed, conditioned automaton that MAY have chinks in the armor.

The fellow Man of Letters Mick Davies managed to change his way of thinking under the influence of the Winchesters. Do you think a similar thing could happen with Mr. Ketch or is he completely loyal to the Men of Letters? After all he does have a complex relationship with Mary Winchester.

Ketch does have a complex with Mary! Haha. I think you’ll see it getting increasingly complicated as the season culminates. Obviously to answer any more specifically would give away remaining plot points of the season. What I can say is, there ARE cracks in Ketch that only Mary has seemed to illuminate. The question will remain however, if the cracks run deep enough.

What were your favourite scenes?

I get asked this “favorite” question a lot online and in social media. Honestly I don’t see the world, relationships or my work this way. Life and experiences are all unique and fascinating to me in their own way. My job, and indeed my world view, is to live fully and presently in the moment and try to make even the hard and challenging days “my current favorite”, if that makes sense. This might sound too spiritual or metaphysical but the best moment is always the current moment. Hopefully that leads to a body of work and performances I can be proud of.

"Supernatural" is known for its rather small, very familiar cast and its loyal fanbase. How was it like joining the show that's been on-air for over a decade?

The Supernatural cast and crew have been a welcoming, collaborative, friendly family since day one. Jared [Padalecki] and Jensen [Ackles] lead that charge and always the tone of sets come from the leads, producers and directors. J2 were immediately gracious, welcoming and generous creatively from day one and I have enjoyed working with everyone on this amazing crew greatly. As for the SPN Family... WOW!!! I had no idea. But I am pleased to report that I have been overwhelmed in the best possible way by their enthusiasm, kindness, humor and generosity. An absolute blessing on top of an already great character and job opportunity.

Foto: David Haydn-Jones, Danica McKellar, My Christmas Dream - Copyright: Ryan Plummer Copyright 2016 Crown Media United States LLC
David Haydn-Jones, Danica McKellar, My Christmas Dream
© Ryan Plummer Copyright 2016 Crown Media United States LLC

Did you watch "Supernatural", maybe certain episodes, to prepare for the show?

I did! I had seen several episodes in the early seasons back when it originally aired to get a sense of the show and the world it had created. I liked it. I thought it was unique. Years later when I booked THIS role, I was able to stream Season 11 on Netflix which brought me up to date, especially with Toni Bevell and the British Men of Letters. That helped a lot for backstory and prep. In-between shooting I’ve been binge-watching episodes as much as I can to try and catch up and fill out the Universe.

If you could hang out with one of the SPN characters for a day, who would it be and why?

I think I’d have to go with Crowley. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with the King of Hell and a few select demons for a day and see what kind of pure, guilt free trouble you get into?

Which was the most frightening thing you had to do on SPN?

Take my shirt off and sit in a bed naked. Haha. I’m sure it frightened the audience as well!

When you started out as an actor you probably had some ideas about the job. Did it turn out how you expected it to be?

Honestly it has turned out far better than I could have hoped it to be. In the beginning, I think most performers get into acting as means of some level of attention seeking and ego fulfillment. And that was partially true for me. BUT, what I’ve realized over the years is THAT (the ego game) is the least interesting part of the job for me. The collaboration of many artists, the puzzle pieces, the engineering of logistics fusing with art and the sheer joy of trying one’s best to tell an interesting story... ALL of those things are so much more enriching.

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