Interview with Scott Lowell about the "Queer as Folk" convention Rise'n Shine 2012


Scott Lowell plays the role of Ted Schmidt on "Queer as Folk" and is very involved with making the convention in Germany happen. We asked him some questions about how the project began.

Foto: Scott Lowell, Queer as Folk - Copyright: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Scott Lowell, Queer as Folk
© Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

1. In June 2012 we will celebrate the "greatest reunification in Germany" which is the "Queer as Folk" convention Rise'n Shine with fans from around the globe and all nine lead actors from the show. When and how were you approached with this project?

I believe Elke first asked me back in the Spring very hypothetically what it would take to get some sort of QAF cast gathering in Cologne. I thought she was maybe just an overexcited fan with a funny dream but I spoke to my other castmates and we came up with some facts and figures of what it would take to get all nine of us over to Cologne that I just assumed would scare her away. But it didn't and now it looks like it is actually going to happen and we are all so thrilled. It will be the first time all nine of us will be appearing at a public event together since we stopped filming the show back in 2005.

2. Making this event possible is largely thanks to you, Scott, for organizing the negotiations for yourself and your co-stars, which really is unique. Is this only possible when a cast still is really close and/or for a show that was so groundbreaking as "Queer as Folk"?

Yes, I think this is an incredibly unique combination of a small but rabid fan base for a show that really did change people's lives and an incredibly close cast that really is more family than friends. They all trust my opinion and we all are so appreciative of our European fan base that my suggestion that we come to Germany to meet them has been met with nothing but enthusiasm. Especially at the prospect of all being together again.

3. This is the first time since the show was on the air that all nine members of the main cast will be together on stage or even in public at all. Is this merely a question of work schedules or did some time have to pass to want to get back together and enjoy looking back?

Honestly we just haven't been asked. Most of us get together still privately fairly regularly but no one before Elke has thought to put together an event where we can all appear together. It's really quite exciting.

4. At the fantasy convention RingCon in Germany one of the convention regulars advised the new guests to read up on their own shows and characters because the fans know and ask about every detail. Are you looking forward to dive back in and discuss your character?

You know, I think we a may need to refresh our memories on specifics of episodes as it's been 6 years now since we last filmed the show and we all have done a number of other projects since. But I am sure, like riding a bicycle, it will all come back pretty quickly.

5. Have you been to Germany before? Is there something in particular you look forward to or expect from Cologne as host of this convention? Have you ever had a guided city walk on the program of a convention?

Foto: Scott Lowell & Peter Paige, Queer as Folk - Copyright: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Scott Lowell & Peter Paige, Queer as Folk
© Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

I have never been to Germany before and am really looking forward to it. Peter Paige, Robert Gant and I almost came to an event in Berlin a few years ago but it fell apart at the last minute and I was greatly disappointed. I love history and the history of places so I really look forward to seeing all the architecture and finding out more about Cologne.

6. Can you tell us a little bit about your recent projects?

I've been mostly splitting my time between guest roles on other television series here in the States ("Bones", "Criminal Minds", "Leverage", "CSI: NY", "Navy CIS", etc.) and doing live theatre which I love.

Thank you so much, we are looking forward to seeing you in Germany!

Nicole Oebel - myFanbase

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