Interview with Keiko Agena

We got the opportunity to do an interview with Keiko Agena, the star from "Gilmore Girls". She talks about the last seven years on the show, how she liked the final episode, what she's doing next and much more.


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1. Like many Asians you look much younger than you actually are. What effects does it have on your private life? (Do you still have to show your ID when you are buying alcohol?)

Oh, it's great!

2. Does "hereandnow" still exist and are you still touring around with the ensemble?

Hereandnow still performs but I haven't been with the group for a while.

3. When and why did you decide to become an actress?

I was ten and I got the chance to be in a play. It was a wonderful experience. I can still remember how much like a family we became and how sad I was when it was over. I was hooked right from the start.

4. How did it feel when you were winning the Ammy Award, with Lucy Liu, Ming-Na and Tia Carrere nominated with you?

I was surprised. Of course I hoped that I would win, but I didn't expect it. The show was so new then.

5. You played Leila Foster on "Felicity". Did you watch the show back then?

I had seen a few episodes but I didn't know all of the characters. The week we filmed, I sort of filled in the blanks as we went.

6. Your character Lane Kim is a passionated drummer and you played that role really great. Do you still play drums, now the show is over?

No! I've gotten really lazy. I thought for sure that I would keep up with it but it has been a while since I've practiced. I tell my husband, who plays guitar, that we should jam sometime.

7. In season 7 of "Gilmore Girls" you've been pregnant with twins. How was it to play a mother-to-be especially with this huge belly? And how was it when the babies "were born"? Did you have to improvise a lot in those scenes with the babies?

Well, that belly was huge! Just huge! I think it was difficult to really get the sense that my tummy would be that big. And I was so nervous working with the babies. I'm not really a babies person. I think they can smell fear. I didn't want them to start crying.

8. Which is your favorite episode of the last seven years and why?

The last episode. I remember filming it and at that time we didn't know for sure if the show was cancelled or not. So there was a bit of unease as we were shooting. But there was also a sense of savoring what was very possibly the end of a long road together. I really appreciated our last days.

9. If you look back, which season of "Gilmore Girls" do you think was the best and why?

I have a special attachment to the first season. It was an introduction to such unique and wonderful characters. The family dynamic between all the Gilmore's is priceless.

10. Did you like the season finale of "Gilmore Girls"? Or would you have done it differently?

I did like it, but I would be very curious to see what Amy and Dan would have written. Amy always said that she knew what the last two lines of the show would have been and she would never tell anyone, and now we will never know.

(Amy Sherman-Palladino was the Show Runner the first 6 years. Dan is her husband and one of the other producers.)

11. Are you still in contact with some of the cast members from "Gilmore Girls"?

Occasionally I will see Sean Gunn and John Cabrerra around. They are good friends from before the show and Sean hosts a lot of get togethers. Also there are times that I have seen Todd Lowe's band perform. But mostly I see one of our costumers, Valerie and her husband Colin.

12. Have you kept any "Gilmore Girls" mementos?

Let's see… I have my red shoes that I wore on and off for all seven years, the sweater I always wore at Luke's Diner, some "Thou shall burn in hell" pamphlets, a couple of "Hep Alien" T-shirts, a skateboard with an image of Stars Hollow on it, and some of the mugs that Lauren Graham gave out at Christmas... But my favorite one is the green post it note that I scribbled the Gilmore Girls audition info onto.

13. If you could choose two other characters from "Gilmore Girls" to have their own spin-off with your character Lane, who would it be? And why would you choose them?

Ha! Well, I suppose we should do a "Mrs. Kim becomes the permanent tour manager for the band".

14. Do you have any new projects you can tell us about?

I filmed a movie with Jessica Simpson called Major Movie Star. It should be out this year. She is just the sweetest person you will ever meet.

15. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about TV series, do you have a favorite one?

Monk, Monk, Monk, Monk, Monk. I just love it. Tony Shalhoub is my favorite character actor. There is also a new show out now that I really like called Eli Stone.

Annika Leichner - myFanbase