Exclusive Interview with Jason Manns

Jason Manns is a singer/songwriter whose music is laid back, acoustic folk rock. In 2007 he played for the first time at a "Supernatural" convention, the "Asylum" in England. Since then the man with the amazing voice gave concerts at several other conventions and is in the hearts of not only the "Supernatural" fans. He toured the U.S., the U.K. Germany, Italy and Singapore and released two albums. Here he talks about how he got into making music, how his songs develop and about a certain defining moment in his career.

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1. How would you describe your music to a deaf person?

That might be one of the best interview questions I've gotten so far. As a result, I am at a slight loss for words. Come to think of it, every description I commonly give is auditory comparison... I have no idea how to quantify it in tangible or visual terms. If you make me think this hard on all of the questions this is going to b a long interview!

2. Was there something like a light bulb momemt when you were young, maybe a concert, a certain song or a record that made you dream about a career as a musician?

There really wasn't. My love for performing, (like my career) has been kind of a slow and steady progression. I was into sports when I was young, but didn't really have what it takes to make it on a high collegiate level, so I started music as more of a hobby because I had so much free time, which was new to me. My desire to do it forever kind of snuck up on me, and now I can't imagine having ever lived with out it!

3. How do you develop your songs? What part comes first, music or lyrics?

It comes both ways. Sometimes I'm playing the guitar and a riff or chord progression kind of grabs me, and from that springs an idea. Other times, I'll write a poem, devoid of music, and then try to work it into a song somehow. I wish there was a step by step process I followed that yielded songs every time. I'd have a lot more of them!

4. What song is most important to you? Why and how did it develop?

Picking one is like picking which of your own children is your favorite. (Since I don't have any kids, I'll admit I'm kind of guessing there.) I really have a connection to all of the songs, and they are all important in their own way. I would say as an example of how a song of mine might develop, Journey was written as a poem sitting in terminal waiting to board my plane at LAX. I was somewhat new to LA, and hadn't really adjusted yet, and I just kind of felt like a stationary island amidst the craziness of LAX. And though I felt like I was on the outside looking in, strangely it wasn't an uncomfortable feeling... "I'm alone, but I'm not lonely. I'm with the only person that knows me." -Journey

5. "Crazy love" is a song by Van Morrison that turned into something like your trade mark. How did that happen and what drew you to this song?

I've always been a fan of Van Morrison's music. His was one of the first CD's I ever bought, and "Crazy Love" was one of the first songs I ever learned on the guitar. I think the reason it's become a trademark of sorts is because it's the first song a lot of my fans ever heard me sing. Jensen came up and sang it with me way back at the first Supernatural convention, Asylum, and it's been played quite a few times on you tube. Though I think a lot of folks wish it was Jensen singing it by himself, some of them eventually decide to check out the other guy, and they find me!

6. In what aspects did your music change compared to when you started to make music?

It's still changing. I think every musician has his or her "sound," and initially they are limited from finding that sound by their lack of expertise on their musical instrument, or vocals, or performance anxiety, or all of the above. When they can master their craft, they shape their own sound, and they're not limited by their musicality. I'm not there yet, but getting closer!

7. What has been the best experience so far, as an artist?

I love meeting people, I love traveling, and I love to perform. I'm still kind of in awe of the fact that I get to do all of these things for a living.

8. What are you aspiring to in the future, what do you want to achieve?

I have a few levels of "goals". They're kind of personal, so I don't think I'll put them out there just yet, but I'm working hard on them!

9. Is it true you wrote a song for the fans? Did you have a certain picture or experience with fans in mind when you were writing the song?

I did write a song for the fans. My inspiration was kind of a conglomeration of a lot of the experiences I've had out on the road, and at Supernatural conventions. It's entitled "I Do It For You" and I've never recorded it, but maybe I'll do something special with it one of these days.

10. You’ve probably been asked once or twice before how you became friends with Jensen Ackles and got to play at this memorable "Supernatural" convention in 2007. Would you like to tell the story for us once more?

Nah, I think everyone pretty much knows that story by now. ;) I will say that there are a few moments I look back on that have been major defining moments in my career and that was definitely one of them. I'm blessed to be able to continue to perform for such a dedicated and amazing group of fans.

11. Would you like to play a part in "Supernatural" season 7? What would it be?

Of course I would! Who wouldn't want to be on that show? not to mention I've been on the set quite a few times visiting J, and the whole cast and crew are awesome. That would be a blast. As for what part I'd like to play... obviously if I got to write the part, I'm the long lost Winchester cousin, (named after some other gun) that comes in like Rambo at the end of and episode and saves the day. Realistically speaking, I'd take cop #4 that get's eaten by a Chupacabra in the first scene.

12. At RingCon last year and AECon 2 you made room on the stage for some of the guests to take over the mic which of course is a great gift to the fans. Do you enjoy these moments or is it also a little strange to cut in on the flow in your own show?

I love those moments. I much prefer a free-flowing, laid-back jam session with friends to a regular set-listed show. different voices, different energies feeding off of each other in front of an audience... that's way more interesting for everyone, audience and musicians!

13. myFanbase is a website that is devoted to American television shows. Do you have a favorite show?

You mean other than "Supernatural"? ;) I do have a few. I have to give some love to the other shows that are currently on that have used my music, "Parks & Rec" and "Happy Endings", both really funny shows. Because of my travel schedule, I rarely have the time (or Tivo space) to see every episode of a show's season, so I get the DVD's and watch them that way. I tend to gravitate to shows that have completed their run so I'm not left hanging at the end. I recently finished and loved "Battlestar Galactica".

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