Exclusive interview with Sophie Turner

March 23, 2014 | Young actress Sophie Turner, best known for her role as Sansa Stark in the phenomenal tv show "Game of Thrones", talked to myFanbase about her character's latest journey on the show and what comes next for her on season 4. The fourth season of the hit show starts on Sunday the 6th of April on HBO. German viewers are able to watch the new season just one day later on Sky.

Warning: The interview contains spoiler about the books and season 4 of "Game of Thrones"!

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Foto: Sophie Turner, Game of Thrones - Copyright: Home Box Office Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Sophie Turner, Game of Thrones
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If Sansa had the chance to send out one 'save raven', whom would she write to and what would she tell him or her?

My first instinct is to say that Sansa would send out a 'save raven' to Arya, but despite Littlefinger telling her that Arya's alive, she can’t really be sure. I think from Sansa's point of view, although she does't fully trust him because he's a Lannister, she would stick with Tyrion because he seems to be the only kind person in King's Landing with good intentions. I think that she would be wise to stick with him.

In the books Sansa is present when her worst enemy - King Joffrey - dies. Do you think this is the moment that changes everything for her? In what way will her life be different from this moment on?

In the books this certainly would change everything for her emotionally, although she'd still be under control of the Lannisters, especially Cersei so I'm not sure that her life would be too different other than having an emotional burden lifted. However I can't say whether anything like this will happen in the series as the series is just an adaptation of the books and could go in any direction.

Foto: Sophie Turner - Copyright: 2013 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved.
Sophie Turner
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Will we see Sansa's storyline on the Eyrie in season four?

I can't promise anything about Sansa's storyline this season. All I can tell you is that Sansa goes through a big evolution this season and there are plenty of changes afoot.

Sansa seems to be the only one of the Stark kids who came to terms with her current situation, even if resignedly. What do you think is the reason for that and why isn't she more like her siblings in this regard?

I don't think that Sansa has come to terms with her current situation, I just think that she is a lot less outspoken about her objection to being in this situation. She hasn't accepted it but she has adapted to it. Sansa knows that to survive in this world you have to keep your mouth shut and sit tight patiently until the day when she has the power (not necessarily political) or control in order to be able to get her revenge or voice her opinion without being so vulnerable that there could be very likely fatal consequences.

Foto: Natalie Dormer, Sophie Turner - Copyright: 2013 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved.
Natalie Dormer, Sophie Turner
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With Margaery and Cersei as strong and scheming women right next to Sansa, do you think she'll ever be able to adapt to their behavior and become a serious player in the political setting of Westeros?

I think that Sansa, has nobody that she can trust in King's Landing and so the audience wouldn't necessarily see her scheming because there's nobody to do it with. This doesn't mean that Sansa isn't planning anything in her head. If she is doing any type of scheming, it will all be internal because, Sansa knows, more than anyone, that you can't trust anyone in the world of GoT and the only way to have the utmost power is to not let on to anyone what you're about and what you're planning on doing next. She has most certainly learned tricks and how the politics of Westeros works from people like Margaery and Cersei alongside others, she's just not put them into practise yet.

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